Tactical investing works. So does focus. See how the Thornmark Investment Funds can help focus your performance.


Thornmark focuses on three pooled fund strategies ranging from moderate to aggressive equity investing.   All of the Thornmark Investment Funds invest tactically.

Thornmark Fund Inception Date Tactical Style Risk Rating
Dividend & Income Fund Dec. 1998 Balanced Moderate
Enhanced Fund May 1993 Equity High
Alpha Fund Dec. 2006 Equity Aggressive


The Thornmark Investment Funds are intended for investors seeking risk-managed, above average growth, who can tolerate equity volatility. Each Fund has a unique investment objective and risk parameters. All of the Funds are designed to outperform over the course of an economic cycle by disciplined tactical and risk managed investing. The relative risk spectrum of the Thornmark Investment Funds is:

Thornmark does NOT charge direct sales fees, set-up fees, and no purchase, transfer or redemption fees.

If you desire risk-managed returns over the course of an economic cycle, we invite you to contact us and learn how Thornmark’s disciplined tactical investing can work for you.

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