About Thornmark

Thornmark is an independent North American wealth manager for individuals and institutions. Over 25-years of experience, since May 1993, qualifies Thornmark to deliver results that balance growing wealth with capital preservation. Thornmark provides personalized client service and tactically, risk-adjusted returns.

Thornmark emerged out of a family office with a focus on absolute returns. Like our family office clients, we know you want a good return on your investments. We also understand that the pain of losses is greater than the joy of gains. Since 1993, Thornmark has delivered superior returns, net of all fees and expenses, with Consolidated Performance more than 27% above it’s Consolidated Benchmark and the S&P/TSX Index, while avoiding large losses (see Performance).* Everything we do seeks to achieve this goal.

Thornmark works with individuals, foundations, and institutions across Canada.  Thornmark is nimble with a unique combination of strong and consistent returns, personal service and long-term commitment to helping clients meet their unique goals and objectives.

Services are Personalized

Every person has unique goals and priorities. Thornmark works with clients to build personalized Wealth Management Plans. Realistic and achievable plans allow clients to sleep soundly with confidence in their financial outlook. Thornmark has relationships with tax, insurance, and legal experts to ensure a holistic approach to wealth planning and management. Consolidated household reporting provides comprehensive information to gauge performance and progress towards your goals.

Protecting Your Investments

All client assets are held by an independent third-party custodian (usually National Bank Independent Network). Thornmark never takes custody of client assets – clients do not write cheques to Thornmark. The Thornmark Investment Funds are audited by Deloitte LLP, a leading global audit company. Independence provided by segregation of client assets and audit accountability by a global leader provide a high level of protection for your investment assets.

Thornmark’s Fees are Aligned with Client's Interests

At Thornmark, incentive fees are designed to help align our interests with those of our clients. Thornmark’s team invests in the Thornmark Investment Funds alongside our clients and are incentivized to grow wealth and penalized for losses.


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